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Bose Wave Radio 1

Bose Wave Radio 1


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Bose Wave Radio I
+ Gồm Loa, dây nguồn, Remote hoạt động hoàn hảo
+ Điện thế: 110v
* AM/FM stereo nhạy, âm thanh hay
* Alarm, đồng hồ hiển thị, hẹn giờ tắt mở máy
* Bose đã chứng minh rằng chỉ với một thiết kế nhỏ gọn, bạn vẫn có thể thưởng thức chất lượng âm thanh cao nhất.

The radio that changed an industry. 

The Wave® radio delivers industry-leading performance for a system its size, now in a fresh, updated design. Waveguide speaker technology—the award-winning Bose® innovation that changed the audio industry—fills a room with lifelike, natural, high-performance sound.

The advanced AM/FM tuner offers text capability for song and artist information. There are handy touch top controls, gently rising alarms, an input for other sources and much more. You enjoy a wide range of features, all easy to use—with sound you'd expect from a larger, more complicated stereo.

  • Exclusive waveguide speaker technology delivers high-performance sound
  • Advanced AM/FM tuner with onscreen text display of song and artist information
  • Auxiliary input for other sources
  • Slim credit card-style remote operates all functions

Lifelike, room filling sound

The original Wave® radio woke up an entire industry with its unmatched sound. And that hasn't changed. Bose proprietary waveguide speaker technology combines with advanced digital electronics to deliver performance well beyond the speaker’s size. Get ready to rediscover your favorite tunes with details you may have never noticed before.


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